A Winter Wedding with a Twist

Well, where do I start with this one?

Rosey and Gareth approached me in Spring last year through a referral from Rosey’s sister in law who attended a wedding I filmed previously in North Wales. From the moment they got in touch I knew we would get along, and after hours of Skyping and hearing all about their life, their passion for travel and films and Gareth’s proposal on a mountain in Norway, I fell in love with them. I couldn’t wait to meet them in person and capture their big day.

What Rosey and Gareth had planned for their big day couldn’t have been more personal, thoughtful and laid back. They chose to get married in December – just between Christmas and New Year. A winter wedding is not a common choice, but such a beautiful time of year. I personally love winter - I love snuggling up under the blanket with the cat, in front of the fire, with a cup of tea (or mulled wine ;)) whilst working from my home office. Winter is super romantic and I believe undervalued as an appropriate time of year to celebrate love and marriage.

Rosey and Gareth’s special day had a geeky twist - a wonderfully smooth and relaxed day where everything was related to their interest in films, music and science with many unconventional elements that made their wedding so unique to their personalities and what they’re all about as a couple. Throughout the day I felt like I was in the middle of an episode of The Big Bang theory or the old time classic ‘Back to the Future’.

Their wedding day started with a very warm and intimate ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in Whitchurch. Rosey spent the morning getting ready with her bridesmaids, before putting on her amazing rainbow patterned bridal shoes which matched with her home-made felt bouquet that had photos of some of her loved ones attached to it. After a first heartfelt first look with her dad she made her way to the church. She walked down the aisle to the soundtrack from the film ‘The Aftermath’ with Keira Knightley (recommended watch! :)). Along with the choir and the emotional vows, there were also two wonderful readings about love which I found really touching. ‘On the universal force of love’ - was a reading about Albert Einstein’s letter to his daughter where he connected the theory of relativity to love.

We learned that physics doesn’t seem to be all that rational after all. :)

The beautiful Church ceremony was followed by a 40 minute drive to Llantwit Major on the coast with a photo/video session on the beach whilst their guests settled at the beautiful rustic Rosedew Farm to tunes from classic films such as Jurassic Park, E.T., Star Trek and more! These newly-weds really personalised their whole wedding and made it their own. From the wonderfully decorated Lego cake, guests entertained with board games, speeches referencing Stephen Hawkins and Red Dwarf - not forgetting to mention their first dance to ‘Earth Angel’ by the Penguins directly followed by Chuck Berry’s ‘Go Johnny Go’ which threw us right ‘back to the future’. ;)

“Kim, we trust you. Make it silly - just as we are - feel free to create what you think is best for us!"

I loved to hear that - it’s a dream for a creative and so I sat down and got to work. Whilst creative freedom is great it can put a lot of pressure on you - so after the first high I started putting the pieces together - changing, deleting, starting all over - looking for the right music, experimenting with colours, cuts, transitions etc. But - belief is key! And so I unpacked all the skills from every project I’ve done before and went wild in this beautiful, quirky and eclectic wedding project. I'm so glad Rosey and Gareth chose me as their wedding videographer and love to look back on this very special day.