An Irish Castle Wedding Full Of Surprises...

What can I say? It took me a while to calm down from James and Stephen’s wedding … in a good way.! :)

Those two truly thought about everything and still let the day evolve so naturally.

My first wedding of this year's season started with a pre-wedding buffet, mingle and “a few” drinks the night before the wedding in the Dungeon bar of Kinnitty Castle, the incredible venue James and Stephen decided to celebrate their big day at. A perfect way for them to welcome their guests who travelled from close-by and far afield and for the guests to settle in before the big day.

"It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising gently behind the castle towers."

8am on the morning of their wedding day: I hear some shooting and make my way outside. What I found was a happy James and a happy Stephen with some happy friends giving it their best shot with some clay pigeon shooting. It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising gently behind the castle towers. It was fairly cold, but this made the morning super mystical. I made the most of it and let my little drone fly towards to castle. The morning ended up running really smoothly. James and Stephen got ready in their own suite (one after the other) and their female family members enjoyed being spoiled by the hair and makeup stylists. The morning preparations were extremely relaxed and it was lovely to capture the calm atmosphere with a hint of excitement leading up to James and Stephen's big moment of saying 'yes'.

After a first look in the castle’s library bar James and Stephen and their closest family made their way through the courtyard to the Great Hall of the O’Carolls where they sealed the deal. It was a beautiful ceremony with string music playing as they were walking in and out and a few very lovely and poignant readings.

While the guests mingled in the library bar for a few drinks and canapés after the ceremony, the photographer and I took James and Stephen out into the woods. As a videographer one of my favourite parts of the day is the time after the ceremony when the couple spends a calm moment with each other in nature celebrating that they 'just' got married. James and Stephen had so much fun and couldn’t stop giggling. I love the footage. :)

Everyone went back into the Great Hall of the O’Carrolls. What a location this is for a wedding. The guests had dinner and the service was organised by a very determined and quite serious ‘Operations Manager’. During the service you could notice a bit of rumbling and a few disputes developing between some guests and the waiters who seemed to behave rudely.

BANG!…one waiter dropped a tray with plates and glasses, immediately being shouted at by the ‘Operations Manager’.

I grabbed my camera ready for the next part of the day to begin and then…BANG!…one waiter dropped a tray with plates and glasses, immediately being shouted at by the ‘Operations Manager’. The underlying aggressive atmosphere peaked and one waiter exploded. He left the room in anger leaving guests whispering to each other awkwardly wondering what on earth had just happened. Only when the disgruntled waiter and the ‘Operations Manager’ came back with a microphone and started singing and dancing is when the prank was revealed: They were Singing Waiters! They’d successfully tricked all the guests who were left open-mouthed, ending with the whole room screaming in laughter!

And of course….I knew it before :D

After a few songs and some amazing entertainment by one of the ‘waiters’ and the incredibly rude ‘operations manager’ :) the party was in full swing with people dancing on chairs and tables. With James and Stephen being the proudest people in the room. The tone for the rest of the night was set and the band ‘Panoramics’ made the crowd jump and dance even more.

This wedding was a true spectacle. Classy but down-to-earth with a lot of fun, cracking speeches, a hilarious surprise and our wonderful two grooms who couldn’t have been any happier.

Head over to to watch their film.

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